Chateau area


Organize an amazing...


Let history influence you and join your union in an outdoor ceremony or inside the historic hall connected to the chapel.


No more wondering where to spend unforgettable moments before marriage! We will let you have the whole castle and park for the night or for the whole weekend.


Unusual corporate events at the castle? Definitely YES! Capacity of more than 38 beds, two historic halls with tiled stoves with an exit to the park.


Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, invite your friends and delight your loved ones in a chateau setting. The unforgettable atmosphere will amaze you.


We offer over 280 m2 of indoor exhibition space and a dendrologically valuable park of over 1 hectare.


Organize a weekend seminar, conference or symposium.

... and other events such as retreats, festivals, fairs, camps, or just short-term accommodation or shared offices.

We individually prepare each room for the event.
Of course there is parking inside the guarded area.

An exceptional experience with a piece of history

The first mention of the fortress in Holovousy dates back to 1433. Before 1594, the original fortress was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau, probably during the reign of Vladislav Smiřický of Smiřice, who annexed the chateau to the Hořice manor. Other owners of the estate included Albrecht of Wallenstein and the Libštejn family from Kolovrat. In 1906-1907, extensive reconstruction in Art Nouveau style with romantic elements was carried out under the direction of the well-known architect Jan Vejrych.